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Water voles and your development

If there is a watercourse on or adjacent to your development site and your extended phase 1 habitats survey / preliminary ecological appraisal identifies the watercourse as having evidence of or potential to support water voles, of if you are planning works directly to a water course such as restoration, bank profiling, bridge installation, weir removal etc. then surveys for water vole may be required.

Water vole surveys

water vole habitat

Water vole surveys can be conducted between April and October and consist of an examination of the watercourse looking for signs of water vole activity including burrows, latrines, feeding stations, and footprints.

If field signs indicate presence we will aim to establish the size and extent of the population, in some instances this may require further surveys including the use of remote camera traps.

Avoidance, mitigation & compensation.

Once all surveys have been completed we will assess the impacts of your proposed development and work with you to design a mitigation and compensation strategy to facilitate a water vole friendly development.

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